MedNoor eMedical Center

Make Urgent Appointment or Schedule an Advance Appointment with a qualified Professional (Medical Doctors, Psychiatrist or Psychologists). 

MD online for Telemedicine and Virtual Urgent care clinical service providers are available anywhere in the World at all times. MedNoor offers affordable online Medical Services


Easy Signup and Login. All information are saved on encrypted servers. Pay your doctor or other professional by the method you choose.

Pro Credentialing

Most of the professionals will have their accounts activated within 24 hours to verify the credentialing for patient safety and security to maintain our high quality.

MD Visits

Visit your Doctor or Urgent Care professional in minutes with simple Appointment Call

My Records

Print your consultation and professional visit, minutes after the encounter

Personal Protection

Gloves, Face Masks, Sanitizers and more

MedNoor Medical Center for Urgent and Routine Medical Care online MedNoor